You Need More Sleep to Support Postpartum Depression

You need more sleep for postpartum depression

Do you remember the days, maybe not too long ago, when you went to bed at night and slept a full 8 hours? Imagine, you went to sleep when you wanted to; you woke up when you wanted to and you woke up feeling rested, peaceful and content?

No? Yeah, me neither.

If you try one thing to support your mental health today, let it be sleep. You have to get SLEEP.


Sleep can treat mild postpartum depression and can even prevent it from happening in the first place.1

I love true crime and studying why people behave the way they do. Let’s use two extreme but very relevant examples.

If a cult was trying to convert you into joining them, a standard practice is systemic sleep deprivation – because it breaks down your mental cognition, identity and will power.

Likewise, in war times, sleep deprivation is considered an international war crime by the United Nations. Less than 4 hours of continuous sleep within a 24-hour period is considered illegal torture because of the absolute devastation it causes on a person, physically and mentally.

Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on everyone’s body. As a new mom, you are not only dealing with no sleep but also physically recovering from childbirth and caring for an infant. You have to get sleep or you cannot improve your mental state, no matter how hard you try. If you are struggling mentally after having a child and not sleeping well, sleep should be your main goal today – and every day.

For tips to help you get more sleep, read our blog 5 Tips to Create Postpartum Sleep Opportunities.


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