Are you struggling mentally after having a child?
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If you are feeling alone, depressed, anxious or just not like yourself yet  – you’ve come to the right place!

Thrive Postpartum is designed specifically to help moms struggling with depression and anxiety after childbirth through the first few years.

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Don’t struggle alone any longer.

1 in 5 new moms will suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety every SINGLE year – but 75% never receive a diagnosis OR get treatment. Everyone’s experience is different but there are common feelings associated with postpartum depression or anxiety.

You can’t stop crying, worrying or having scary thoughts.

You can’t sleep or bond easily with your child.

You feel all alone or that you will never feel like yourself again.


Our goal is to reach and help all new moms struggling with mental health challenges, regardless of having an official diagnosis.


Help is just a few clicks away…

Postpartum depression and anxiety are the leading complications of having a child, but finding help has not been easy…until now.

You could feel like yourself again and be more present with your family.

You could have more energy, improve sleep quality and bond better with your child.

You could gain a support community to feel less anxious, sad and alone.

Introducing Thrive Postpartum

Thrive Postpartum is a safe place to:

  • Learn about what you are experiencing.
  • Self-assess your symptoms and learn how to discuss them with your healthcare provider.
  • Try numerous evidence-based methods to support yourself.
  • Learn postpartum self-care tips from leading postpartum experts.
  • Find support from other moms who are going through it too and those who made it through their struggles and are now thriving.

Available digitally 24/7 so you can find support anytime you need it, including during those late-night 3am feeding sessions.

Start your healing journey today with access to the Survive to Thrive Kickstart Course

Get immediate access to our Survive to Thrive virtual course – THE practical, self-paced course designed to help moms understand postpartum depression and anxiety and build their own personalized Thrive Toolbox.


Access 7 Modules

Evidence-based tools to support your mental wellness, including modules on Understanding PMADs, Thrive Method for Body, Mind, Soul, Role and Recovery.


Create Your Toolbox

20+ printable worksheets to build your personalized toolbox, including weekly trackers, plans and checklists.


Short Videos

Broken down into short videos that you can watch at your convenience – all are 15 minutes or less.


Imagine if you:

Understood how postpartum depression and anxiety are impacting you, that they are normal and that you are not alone.

Knew how to best support your body through sleep, nutrition and movement to support your mental health.

Could start to identity and reframe your negative thoughts and practice mindfulness techniques to lower your anxiety and stress.

Had a plan to identity support, learn how to ask for help and grow your social village.

Knew grounding exercises, meditation and breathing techniques you could use when a moment of stress or anxiety occurs.

Had strategies to cope with the transition to motherhood and its impact on your identity, body image, relationship, career and more.

With the Survive to Thrive Kickstart Course, you can!

In addition, all Members get FULL access to


The Thrive Method

Discover our whole-body care method that supports your Body, Mind, Soul and Role (as a new mom).

Postpartum Support Classes

Learn postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms, risks and evidence-based actions you can take to support your own healing and mental health, because knowledge really is power.

The Thrive Platform

Access the Thrive Platform on your phone or computer 24/7, including access to our community groups, on-demand content library and chat features.

Expert Discussions

Hear from leading postpartum experts on topics that improve your wellness.

Personalized Toolbox

Build your own personalized wellness toolbox using the Thrive Method, as each person’s healing journey is unique.

Thrive's Community

Meet other moms who share similar experiences and connect in a safe, empowering space.

Why Thrive Postpartum

Using our proprietary Thrive Method, you’ll gain tools to support your whole self, including:


Nourish your physical self for recovery, including nutrition, movement, sleep and more.


Support your mind and emotions, including how to find external therapy/medication care, overcoming negative thoughts, meditation and more.


Care for what makes you, you, including social support, mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and more.


Empower yourself with transitional care for your new role as a mom, including identity changes, practical support, professional support for both the stay at home or return to work mom and more.

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Looking for more intimate, therapist-led support?

​We’ve got you covered!

As a Thrive member, you can also purchase a seat in one of our Thrive Circles. It’s a 6-week, therapist-led support program of 8 moms and a postpartum therapist.

As a dedicated group, you’ll meet weekly for interactive discussions and guidance on the topics most important to your Circle, as well as have access to a private Circle page to share messages and content with your fellow members.

Topics may include:

  • Physical and emotional changes experienced during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Navigating relationships with spouses, family and friends…and yourself!
  • Coping strategies for mood changes and negative or intrusive thoughts.
  • Normalizing stressors and worries during the postpartum period.
  • Anything else you bring to the circle!

Cost: $200 for the entire 6-week session.
While this is an additional cost outside of the Thrive Membership plans, we’ve priced it so low that it’s roughly the same price as one session of traditional therapy, for six full group sessions!


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Become a Thrive Founding Mom

The first 50 moms to join Thrive will be part of our Founding Moms group, with extra rewards and the lowest price ever.

Best Pricing

Receive our lowest membership rate, which will remain fixed as long as you’re a member and maintain your membership, even if our prices increase.

A Voice in Thrive's Roadmap

Share your feedback to help us make Thrive the best platform for you and other moms.

Special Recognition

Be recognized within Thrive as a Founding Mom with a special profile designated inside the platform.

What moms are saying about Thrive Postpartum

After having my kids, I felt so overwhelmed and isolated. Thrive Postpartum offers exactly what I needed back then—real support from people who really understand. Any new mom would benefit tremendously from their services. Highly recommended!


Mom of 3

I had two traumatic pregnancies with depression during and after both, and this was easily the most miserable time of my life. I now constantly ask women how they are doing while pregnant, as it’s important for them to know it’s okay to not feel okay – and for them to know they have someone safe to talk with, who has been there. That’s why I’m excited that Thrive Postpartum is now available, to give moms like me that safe place to get help and to know they will eventually feel better.


Mom of 2

After giving birth to both my kids, the hardest part as a new mom was feeling alone with my challenges. I wish I’d had access to Thrive Postpartum’s workshops and support groups. It’s wonderful to see resources now being made available to help new moms thrive during such a vulnerable time.


Mom of 2

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Try Thrive risk free with our 14-day Money Back Guarantee

When you join Thrive Postpartum you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t feel like you’ve received the value you expected and you decide you want to cancel at any time within the first 14 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

Get Instant Access to Thrive Postpartum

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PLUS, the first 50 moms who join will also receive our Founding Moms benefits, listed above.


$19 USD


The Survive to Thrive Kickstart Course – all 7 modules available immediately

20+ Printable worksheets, weekly trackers and checklists

24/7 access to Thrive’s Community

Content library of Thrive Method’s videos and educational tools

Regular access to expert workshops and virtual events

Ability to purchase a seat in a Thrive Circle (additional cost)

* Monthly, reccurring payment. Cancel anytime. Hassle free 14-day money back guarantee.



$199 USD


The Survive to Thrive Kickstart Course – all 7 modules available immediately

20+ Printable worksheets, weekly trackers and checklists

24/7 access to Thrive’s Community

Content library of Thrive Method’s videos and educational tools

Regular access to expert workshops and virtual events

Ability to purchase a seat in a Thrive Circle (additional cost)

* Annual, reccurring payment. Cancel anytime. Hassle free 14-day money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mom is this membership best suited for?

Thrive is designed for mothers struggling with anxiety or depression after having a child. This includes any stage – Pregnancy (if you are preparing to give birth and want to prepare for potential postpartum mental health challenges after birth), Recent New Mom (who has an infant) or a Seasoned New Mom (who is still struggling mentally with an older toddler or multiple children of different ages). Thrive Postpartum is built to be used in conjunction with medication prescribed by your doctor, traditional therapy or as a stand-alone support program.

Thrive is currently not for fathers or family members – but stay tuned, those are coming soon! If you are a mother experiencing postpartum psychosis or having a medical emergency, please contact the National Maternal Mental Health hotline at 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262) immediately.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel your membership anytime by sending an email to Terms apply. 


Is all of the content available immediately or is it delivered on a schedule?

When you join, you will have instant access to all the content we currently have available, including our Thrive Whole-Momma course, which includes all 7 learning modules, workbooks and videos. In addition, we will be adding new content on a regular basis as we grow our platform.

Can I access content released during my membership after I cancel?

Yes and no. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose access to the Thrive Platform and Community. You will, however, have access to any workbooks and toolkit materials you have downloaded. These support materials are yours to keep and continue using.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

Yes! Once you have joined Thrive Postpartum at the Monthly membership level, you will quickly realize that the community and Thrive Method is the support you need to help your mental health improve. You can easily upgrade to an Annual Membership anytime to save extra money.

I’m not 100% sure if the membership is for me. Do you have a trial period to test it out?

We offer a 100% 14-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. While this is not technically a “trial”, you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the value you receive. Simply email

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