About Us

Hello, we are Thrive Postpartum.

We are changing the access moms have to mental wellness support for postpartum depression and anxiety during the first few years following birth.


We believe

that all moms should be empowered by:


Knowing self-care methods that can support their mental wellness, in conjunction with medication and traditional therapy.


Understanding how to support their whole self (Body, Mind, Soul and Role) as part of their healing journey.


Having access to a welcoming community of experts and other moms who are going through the same mental challenges.


Realizing there is hope by hearing from others who are now thriving after postpartum depression and anxiety.

We Value

We focus on our 7 core values, which are designed to help all moms, in everything we do:

We Impact

We make a positive difference in the lives of moms with postpartum depression and anxiety.

We Serve

We always put our moms first and serve with compassion and empathy.


We Welcome

We support every mom equally, from all backgrounds and experiences without judgment.

We Amplify

We increase the awareness about postpartum mental health.

We Challenge

We are honest and candid about motherhood mental health, which often challenges the normal narrative.

We Deliver

We deliver on our promises to our moms, team and partners.


We Grow

We continuously learn and improve to better support our moms, team and partners.

Hi Mom! I’m Kelly, a former technology executive, marketing strategist and one of the unlucky 1 in 5 new moms who got postpartum depression and anxiety following the birth of my child.

Feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and rage hit me like a truck 6 weeks after giving birth. What made it worse, was that I could not easily find help – which I knew I desperately needed.

I was prescribed antidepressant medication from my doctor and waited weeks for it to take effect. I also spent hours searching for a certified PPD therapist who was taking new clients and could find only a few sources online to help new moms with their mental health.

With so many moms struggling in similar situations, why is there no support available to them 24/7? I’ve decided to use my postpartum depression and anxiety experience and decades in the tech industry to change that and help improve the lives and health of new moms….and created Thrive Postpartum.

I can’t wait for you to join us!

Remember: You are not alone. You will feel like you again. You will Thrive.

Kelly Siebold

Founder & CEO

We designed the Thrive Method to support all parts of you as a mom.

The Thrive Method is focused on the whole you – as every aspect of you has been impacted by motherhood. It’s a 4-part method that, when applied together, can give you a holistic view of care and help you create your own unique toolbox to best support yourself.


Nourish your physical self for recovery, including nutrition, movement, sleep and more.


Support your mind and emotions, including overcoming negative thoughts, meditation and more.



Care for what makes you, you, including social support, mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and more.


Empower yourself with transitional care for your new role as a mom.


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Meet Our Experts

Our team is built with experts who support moms with their postpartum mental and physical wellness. Together, we are driven to help moms Thrive Postpartum.

Kelly Siebold

Founder, CEO and Podcast Host

A former Technology executive and mom who overcame postpartum depression and anxiety and is now using her tech expertise to build a digital platform to support maternal mental wellness.

Ashley Moore

Podcast Co-host, Licensed Professional Counselor

A therapist specializing in maternal mental health, owner of Riverland Counseling and Wellness, and mom of two who overcame postpartum anxiety.

Tatianna Graham

MindBody Health Coach

Brings a background in physiotherapy, yoga and mindfulness, combined with her true passion of Preventative Health. She has 12+ years of experience helping women overcome chronic pain, heal pre/post-natal dysfunctions, and truly heal from within by guiding them in establishing a strong Mind Body Connection through breath, inner core and more.

Ready to start Thriving?

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