Being a mom is hard.
Is your postpartum depression and anxiety making it worse?

Join Thrive Postpartum, the virtual community providing whole-self support for moms with postpartum depression, anxiety and mental health challenges.

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We Understand.

You are not alone.

1 in 5 new moms suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety. And worse, suicide is a leading cause of death in new moms in the first year following birth.

Finding help has never been easier.

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Support your mental health with Thrive

Our easy-to-access postpartum depression support is designed to give you:


Be part of our Thrive community, designed specifically to support your mental wellness as a postpartum mom.

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Watch educational videos, take classes, chat with other mothers – on your schedule anytime day or night.


Learn from regular expert interviews, join a dedicated Thrive Circle and attend group support sessions.

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How Thrive works

Available only to moms, Thrive is a digital platform you can access anytime on your computer or mobile device – including during those lonely 3 am night feeds.

Within the platform, we provide evidence-based ways you can support your mental wellness.

We recommend starting with our in-depth course, “From Surviving to Thriving”, to understand what is happening and test a variety of tools you can try in your self-care journey.  

Designed with you in mind


Gain new mental health skills

Create your own support toolbox so when things get rough, you can identify what is happening and proactively find support.


Attend virtual events

Join as many live events as you want, including regular talks from experts in Postpartum Body, Mind, Soul and Role care, therapist-led drop-in support sessions and group challenges.


Connect with fellow moms

Chat and virtually meet other moms who have similar interests, locations, commonalities, struggles and goals as you.

What moms are saying about Thrive Postpartum

After having my kids, I felt so overwhelmed and isolated. Thrive Postpartum offers exactly what I needed back then—real support from people who really understand. Any new mom would benefit tremendously from their services. Highly recommended!


Mom of 3

I had two traumatic pregnancies with depression during and after both, and this was easily the most miserable time of my life. I now constantly ask women how they are doing while pregnant, as it’s important for them to know it’s okay to not feel okay – and for them to know they have someone safe to talk with, who has been there. That’s why I’m excited that Thrive Postpartum is now available, to give moms like me that safe place to get help and to know they will eventually feel better.


Mom of 2

After giving birth to both my kids, the hardest part as a new mom was feeling alone with my challenges. I wish I’d had access to Thrive Postpartum’s workshops and support groups. It’s wonderful to see resources now being made available to help new moms thrive during such a vulnerable time.


Mom of 2

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Learn more about how Thrive can help you on your postpartum journey towards mental wellness.

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The Thrive Method is designed to support your whole-self postpartum

The Thrive Method is focused on the whole you – as every aspect of you has been impacted by motherhood.

It’s a 4-part method that, when applied together, can give you a holistic view of care and help you create your own unique toolbox to best support yourself.


Help your new body and mental wellness with physical support, including sleep, nutrition, water and movement.


Challenge negative thoughts, learn coping strategies and identity techniques that help you when your anxiety or depression peaks.


Support the parts of you that make you who you uniquely are with social support, meditation, gratitude, mindfulness and more.



Ease your transition to motherhood with practical mom support and manage shifts in identity, relationships, careers and more.



Traditional support is insufficient.

Moms who need support for postpartum depression and anxiety are traditionally given three options.

Go to Therapy – which can be helpful but can be costly and hard to find PPD-certified therapists.
Take medication – which can be helpful but come with side effects or take weeks to become effective. 

Suffer in silence.

There’s now a better way.

We created Thrive to give moms better postpartum depression support in ALL three of these situations.


Get whole-self support now

Every mom has a unique postpartum journey, so we’ve designed Thrive to help you find the support that you need and deserve. Use it solo or as a supplement to medication or traditional therapy.

*Thrive Postpartum LLC is not a medical provider and does not provide medication, medical advice or traditional mental counseling.


Use in conjunction with Therapy to get the support you need between sessions. Or get therapist-led group support by joining a Thrive Circle.

Use in addition to medication to support your Body, Mind, Soul and Role

Use as a solo self-care strategy so you no longer suffer in silence and learn to Thrive Postpartum.

Resources and Support Tips for Postpartum Depression

Access our free tips and resources to support you.

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